The Stillness Before Time


When in every moment

You see without a trace of doubt

That there is no master other than you,

That those many pedestaled images of great souls

Were projections of the inherent longing

To awaken to the birthright

That is prior to consciousness,

You will be free of artificial limits,

You will have triumphed over illusion,

You will have discovered the indelible truth:

That you are, indeed, sovereign, indivisibly absolute.

* * * *


You who seek are already that which is sought.

You are the unequivocal source, the mystery, pure and simple.

Discerning it clearly in the everyday, without a trace of doubt, is the challenge.

* * * *


Surrender your identity:

Your concepts and cravings,

Your fears, irritations, and doubts,

Your knowledge, opinions, and routines,

Your ambitions to achieve one glory or another.

Surrender everything you believe you are,

That you have never really been.

The Ponderings of Yaj Ekim


Sooner or later, our little creation will crash and burn.

So it goes, deal with it, get over it, move on.

Just be ready to roll with the punches

When Mother Gaia lays down the only and only law,

And proves beyond any doubt who has always really been in charge.

* * * *


No doubt we can probably all afford

To be a bit less pretentious, a smidgen more humble,

Considering the entire universe may well be,

About as significant as a grain of sand

In the breadth and depth of it all.

* * * *


It takes a great deal of mettle

To doubt to the essential core of awareness.

Immortal fare is not for the meek who will inherit the earth,

And the dreaming it every moment inspires.

* * * *


Any Supreme Being must surely be an amalgamation of all the greats:

Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, Superman

Harvey, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, and Captain Hook.

Much easier to accept any given phantasm

Than to doubt to the nth degree.

* * * *


It is suffering that compels us to scrutinize our universes more closely.

We were all immortal before the manifest dream inspired us to doubt otherwise.

What a master teacher, pain, in all its ever-changing ways and means,

For as long as its lessons can be endured, and survived.

* * * *


What an amazing, even astonishing thing

To run into intelligent folk who lack the doubt,

The critical thinking ability of a yam,

When it comes to superstition

And other absurdities.

* * * *


The realized state cannot be forced, it cannot persuaded.

Wisdom and insight are obviously not for all.

There is no use seeking something

For which there is not the inquiry of doubt.

* * * *


Doubt until there is nothing left to doubt.

* * * *


To all who truly, earnestly doubt,

It is you, you truly pursue

In that awareness so singular,

Where all trails end, at the end of you.

* * * *


Imagine, if from your beginning,

You were among a modest, wise people,

Who clearly imparted that you were the mystery,

That you were the epicenter of your individual universe,

A guardian of this garden, and that the entire universe about you

Was filled with teachers, each valued for their gift, whatever it might be.

And that you were also one of their teachers, likewise valued, likewise ordained.

Imagine that you were brought up with the certainty that each and every fellow life form,

From the very largest to the very smallest, are all kin in the highest sense,

And that you are a solitary witness to the eternal song of mystery,

Never to doubt, even once, that you are truly of the one.

* * * *


What is life for the cynic but brief moments of ecstasy between great bouts of agony.

* * * *


Born to see it clearly or not, born to realize it beyond doubt or not,

Rest assured, rest content, rest absolute, in the good news,

That you are it, have ever been it, will ever be it.

* * * *


You cannot free your Self without a healthy dose of doubt.

* * * *


An absolute wellspring of irony, paradox, doubt, and absurdity,

That is what you must be, indeed, to wantonly, brazenly, fearlessly,

Recklessly peer behind the imaginary veil of this vaporous Oz.

* * * *


How can you help anyone who lacks the wit and courage to doubt?

* * * *


Those many who harbor in hope

Should beware the cynic whose light shines bright

Upon the countless absurdities that run amok in human mind and deed.

* * * *


If your concept of god does not incorporate you as more than a sheep,

To be herded to and fro in some groupthink-follower-collective,

Then perhaps you need to incite some serious doubting

For a very up-the-ante-worldview-change-up.

Slap your Self, so to speak, very hard.

* * * *


That so many maltreat others in so many cruel ways is beyond all reckoning.

Some abide the barbarity through stoic cynicism and ironic repartee,

And others through compassionate, selfless, heartfelt service.

The human dreamscape finds time and place for all.

* * * *


We must each wander alone through the decline toward the demise.

Coping can include cynicism, stoicism, fatalism, absurdity, conviction.

* * * *


Soul gorp for those who doubt, those who fathom irony and paradox.

* * * *


Earth is earth, water is water, wind is wind, fire is fire.

Once you, without doubt, without equivocation, fully understand this,

And that these forces interact in every way imaginable,

And that you are eternal witness to it all,

What else is there to know?

* * * *


Doubt until truth

Becomes so Self-evident

That all doubt dissolves into You.

* * * *


As doubt seeps through the many cracks of the dike you have in mind erected,

You can run, but you cannot hide; like it or no, you are embarked upon an odyssey within.

You have the potential to be a Buddha, a Christ, a whatever-you-want-to-call-it,

If you can just get past the countless limitations of idolatry and dogma.

* * * *


What inquiry can there really be without unquenchable skepticism?

* * * *


Identification with the body has created all this silliness.

No doubt that it is a good idea to take reasonable care of it,

Elsewise, it will cause you no end of distraction of a lesser kind.

* * * *


Irony and paradox, the keys to unraveling doubt.

* * * *


Another day witnessing the monkey-mind play itself out.

Mass delusion and insanity on a worldwide scale.

No doubt any aliens watching us have plans

To keep the contagion from spreading.

* * * *


To those attached to one dogma or another,

You are either all right, or you are all wrong.

We all have to come from the same beginning,

And all assertions about it are utterly meaningless.

So, drop the inanity, roll out the doubt, figure it out.

* * * *


From the now so-long-ago entry into this dream world,

You have been conditioned to believe so many things truly matter,

And have gradually discerned many of them, if not all,

To indeed be very dubious assumptions.

Where to now, Pilgrim,

Now that doubt is your filament?

* * * *


Some are blessed, though many might argue cursed,

With a sense of doubt, with a capacity for irony and paradox,

With a skeptical wit that gradually transports them

Into a transcendent, indivisible state.

It is a rare destiny, this return to wonder,

To which all are beckoned, but few are chosen.

* * * *


Endlessly fascinating how some cannot help but doubt,

While others are, even to the point of savagery, entirely incapable of it:

“What!? Make me think!? Make me question!? How dare you!! Infidel!! I will kill you!!”

* * * *


The infant begins with no knowledge

Of what it is seeing, hearing, touching. tasting, or smelling.

Over time the collusion into which it has been cast will sculpt it to its own ends.

Few will likely ever doubt with enough abide-alone courage

To decline and return to the natural state.

* * * *


Ignorance being its own distorted, corrupt end,

There is really very little point in debating with any true believer.

If someone is seething dogma about anything fashioned of this manifest dreamtime,

Then it is no doubt much less bothersome to put them behind you,

And just wander some other direction.

* * * *


The doubt of your doubt by others

Can be a precarious, infecting snare.

The quest for certainty is a solitary pursuit.

You may spark others, but must ever be vigilant,

Lest the flame be inadvertently damped by ignorance.

* * * *


To be imbued with certainty, to be without a smidgeon of doubt,

How is that even vaguely, remotely, figuratively, tenuously possible?

* * * *


The gentle cynic is indifferently agnostic.

* * * *


The lack of doubt is a wall that cannot be surmounted.

* * * *


Idolatry and dogma are the barren harvest of those who lack the seed of doubt.

* * * *


A most challenging thing not to grow more inflexible,

More harsh, more cynical, as the world daily takes its toll.

To be as a child, innocent, free, untainted, uncarved, unbroken,

Is a momentary awareness only timeless minds re-attain.

* * * *


Challenging as it all too often is,

Try not to be too blinded by your cynicism.

Despite the play and its players,

There is wonder in it all.

* * * *


Who can say who or what or when or where or why or how,

The seeds of doubt are planted, take root, get watered, and grow to fruition.

It is, as all things ever are, the same indelible mystery from all beginnings to all endings.

* * * *


Few are inflicted with the great doubt

That eventually conveys them all the way back

To that timeless awareness prior to all consciousness.

So many temptations, so many distractions, so many delusions,

On the long and winding ever here now road home.

* * * *


What makes no sense to most,

May be the only thing that does to you.

Standing completely alone is really the only option

For those whose doubt compels them to discern the truth within.

* * * *


Only non-followers, non-believers, non-identifiers,

Those courageous and intelligent and skeptical enough to stand alone,

Will ever have the doubting wit to discern the truth of it.

Many are called, but few are chosen.

* * * *


Without the subtlety of great doubt, truth is veiled

Behind every conceivable whim of imagination.

* * * *


The smug self-righteous arrogance of true believers

Likely propels many a doubter even further afield.

* * * *


What could be more yawn than sitting alone on a cloud,

Occasionally flapping a couple useless wings,

Trying to learn how to play a harp?

At least some of that fat

Might get burnt off carousing in hell.

Going to be one heck of a wild and crazy, no doubt.

* * * *


Buy into a meme and your life will whirl

Its constricted pattern for the rest of your existence.

Doubt is the saving grace from an mind chock-full of absurdity.

* * * *


How can anyone look at all these fellow creatures small to great,

And not, without doubt, discern the obvious fact that within each and every one

Is the same indelible source, the same awareness, the same intelligence?

That all are the same omnipresent, omniscient witness as you.

* * * *


What is required to awaken

Is to inwardly pay very close attention

In a non-intellectual, prior to consciousness way,

Until you very logically, without doubt, discern for your Self

That you, the witness, the observer, are the observed.

All duality is the concoction of imagination.

* * * *


Doubt cannot be transplanted.

* * * *


Why do you doubt your light?

Why do you doubt your truth?

Why do you doubt your Self?

* * * *


Freedom is in the doubting of everything imagined.

* * * *


Who was that masked

Infant … child … adolescent … adult?

One in the same, no doubt.

* * * *


If you do not doubt,

You may well mindlessly accept

Traditions, dogmas, rituals, symbols, superstitions,

And delusional ignorance in general,

As the mainstays

Of that which is truth alone.

* * * *


Surrounded as you are by the sensory play

Of earth, air, water, fire and ether,

You are, have ever been, and will ever be

Totally, irrevocably, without doubt, completely alone.

* * * *


What is it like to be so without doubt, so uncritical, so unskeptical,

As to be all together complacent, consenting, to the given propaganda?

What are the circumstances, the dynamics, that fashion the true believer?

* * * *


Doubt until you doubt it not.

* * * *


There are no doubt many, many extraordinary,

Inexplicable moments in any existence.

Porcelain thrones are like that.

* * * *


The ultimate truth, by whatever metaphors are used to describe it, is unquestionable,

Undoubtable, indisputable, unarguable, undebatable, incontestable, undeniable, irrefutable,

Incontrovertible, unmistakable, unequivocal, certain, sure, positive, definite, absolute, conclusive,

Watertight, ironclad; beyond doubt, beyond the shadow of a doubt, beyond dispute,

Beyond question, not in question, not in doubt, sure as shootin'.

* * * *


To accept blindly is foolish, to doubt rationally is prudent.

Why should you accept anything you have not discerned for your Self?

Why accept any fable, any myth, any legend, any folktale, any fairytale, any invention,

Without some reservation, some critical inquiry, some judicious oversight?

* * * *


As with any organism great to small born into this whirling garden world,

Human consciousness seeks out similar wavelengths within the spectrum of possibilities,

Thus preserving, spreading whatever perceptions, whatever memes, are harbored in the given mindset.

To discern one’s conditioning, and perchance to be free of it, or at least attentive to it,

Requires a skeptical, introspective nature of the highest order.

* * * *


All the so-called scriptures were written by seers and sages

Really no different than anyone who has pondered existence before or since.

We are all cousins of the same puddle responding to the life and times into which we are cast.

The geography, culture, language, technology, and on and on, are inevitably different,

But guaranteed, beyond all doubt, we are all very much the same monkey-mind,

And prior to that, very much the same quantum stardust of all creation.

It is but a veiled, temporal play, in which the myriad players

Are, in the ultimate eternal reality, one in the same.